Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Developments in E-Learning

When Visionlearning started up in 1999, we were on the cutting edge of e-learning. Back then, something as simple as putting educational materials on the web was considered, if not revolutionary, pretty darn clever. In the last decade, though, we've seen monumental changes not just in technology, but in how content is delivered to the masses.

The Sloan Consortium recently held a conference in San Diego that featured some of the newer efforts educators and software developers. From using virtual classroom and presentation software, like Adobe Connect and Mediasite, to utilizing gaming techniques to teach critical thinking, there is certainly a lot of fascinating stuff happening out there.

Visionlearning is in the process of revamping the website in order to take better advantage of many of these new developments. So we wanted to take a moment and ask you, our users, what you think is most important. What types of new media do you find useful? What ways do you use bookmarking tools like Diigo, or do you not bother?

Throughout our redevelopment, we'd like to know what you think, so please let us know in comments below or on our Facebook site.

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