Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Great Apps for the Lab

It's exciting when new technologies are revealed -- many of us are just counting the days until we're able to get our hands on the new iPad. More than just the latest gadget, though, Apple's "i" series has provided us with tools to make our daily life just a bit easier (if not more fun).

There are Apps for socializing, Apps for tracking our caloric intake, Apps for playing guitar -- and a whole series of Apps to make science work easier. Below is a list of some Apps you might find very useful in the classroom or laboratory:

  • Visionlearning Glossary -- a glossary of scientific terminology and biographies, available in English and Spanish.
  • Lab timer -- has four separate timers, each with descriptions. Can be very helpful when you're juggling different projects at once.
  • Measures Unit Converter -- always helpful when you're working with equations. This one is really great if you're working with different measurement systems, too.
  • The Chemical Touch -- one of the best periodic table Apps available.
  • Solutions -- just in case your memorization skills are lacking.
  • Molecules -- lets you look at molecules in 3D, which can be very helpful in modeling.
Have other Apps you think are great? Share them below!

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